Splash Sports Responsible Gaming Policy (US & CAN)

Last Updated:

July 21, 2023

At Splash Sports, we take pride in our advocacy for responsible gaming. We believe the purpose of participating in daily fantasy sports is to enhance the enjoyment of everyday sports through collaboration with others. In order to protect our Users and keep the integrity of Splash Sports operating as a leisure activity, Splash Sports provides the opportunity to partake in various responsible gaming outlets. It is imperative for Users to utilize the tools we have provided if they believe they are participating in gameplay beyond their means.

This Policy applies to all Company personnel, who will:

  • Comply with all applicable federal and state laws regarding Responsible Gaming and User protection;
  • Provide easily accessible, clear, and meaningful information to Users regarding Responsible Gaming tools and restrictions so that they can make informed choices about using the platform and services;
  • Inform Users or prospective Users about the help and assistance they can utilize should they experience any signs of problem gambling;
  • Make all reasonable efforts to avoid marketing to minors, according to the definition of “minor” in each state;
  • Make all reasonable efforts to avoid marketing to self-excluded Users;
  • Ensure marketing and advertising is responsible and contains the relevant Responsible Gaming information as required by the state.

Registration & Verification

User Verification and Prohibition of Minors

Splash Sports values minor safety while striving to ensure compliance with all state regulated age restrictions. Splash Sports authenticates all accounts for age qualifications, for players must be at least 18 years of age to open, participate, and win prizes through a Splash Sports account. In specific jurisdictions where the minimum age is greater than 18, Splash Sports requires players meet assigned jurisdictional requirements. Please see below for state specific age limitations:

  • In Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, and Massachusetts, Users must be 21 years old.
  • In Alabama and Nebraska, Users must be 19 years old.
  • In all other states where DFS is legal, Users must be 18 years old.

If a User suspects that a minor has access to their Splash Sports account, Splash Sports furnishes User prompts for responsible measures to install parental control software that ensures prevention of access to a User’s account. Splash Sports customer support also offers tools to allow a User to control their account if they suspect a minor has gained access. In the circumstance Splash Sports finds a minor playing on the Splash Sports platform, the account will be closed.

The initial steps that Splash Sports takes to prohibit minors from accessing its platform include the following:

Before a User can complete registration and begin their play on the site, the Company must ensure that the User is of legal age to do so (per their respective states)

  • Participation in gambling by an underage User is prohibited
  • The Company will check the name, age, and address of Users at registration
  • The age of the User must be verified using a reliable and independent source
  • In the event that a User is confirmed as a minor, the Company will undertake the relevant steps as required to block that User’s access

Responsible Gaming Tools

The Company offers various tools that a User can set in order to better control their level of gameplay and encourage Users to use these tools in order to enjoy their time using Company services.

There are various Responsible Gaming tools that are available to Users including:

  • Deposit Limits
  • Self-Imposed Timeout
  • State-Level Self-Exclusion

User-Imposed Deposit Limits

A deposit limit will limit the amount a User can deposit during a certain period of time (weekly, or monthly). Once they have reached this amount, they will not be able to make any new deposits until their limit has reset. Users will receive a notification if they attempt to exceed the limit and the deposit will be prevented.

Specifically, in congruence with Splash Sports' belief in responsible gaming, Splash Sports allows Users to opt into various limitation options. Users may set self-imposed limitations through:

  1. Deposit Limitations will allow players to limit how much they can deposit on a weekly or monthly time frame.
  2. Contest Entry Limitations will allow players to limit how many contests they enter on a weekly or monthly time frame.
  3. Contest Entry Fee Limitations will allow players to limit how much money they spend on a contest entry fee on a weekly or monthly time frame.

State Specific Deposit Limits

  • Maryland: Residents may deposit no more than $5,000 in a calendar month.
  • Massachusetts: Residents may deposit no more than $1,000 in a calendar month.
  • Tennessee: Residents may deposit no more than $2,500 in a calendar month.

If a user wishes to temporarily or permanently increase their monthly deposit limit, they can do so by contacting the Splash Sports CS team at support@splashsports.com.

In order for a user to be approved for a temporary or permanent deposit limit increase, they must meet one of the following criteria:

  • An annual income of more than $150,000 (or $300,000 jointly with a spouse)
  • A financial net worth greater than $500,000.

Splash Sports conducts annual evaluations for users with approved deposit limit increases to confirm the continued financial ability of the user to afford losses that may result from fantasy competition play at the increased deposit level.

Self-Imposed Timeouts

The User can choose a time frame to take a break for (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years); during this time they will be unable to access their account. The account will reopen automatically after the chosen period.

These tools, where applicable, will be placed in a clear, prominent and easily accessible position for the User to see on the Company’s website. These controls are not to be confused with

Self-Exclusion, which is the process by which a User excludes themselves from all gaming activities by registering with a state gaming authority.

State-Level Self-Exclusion

Users will be provided links to the state self-exclusion webpages for the jurisdictions in which Splash Sports intends to offer services.

Splash Sports is required by law to incorporate self-exclusions lists made available by the states in which it works, and will update its filters and controls to exclude those Users that sign up.

Below is the text that will be presented to Users, including a link directly to the responsible gaming authority of each jurisdiction:

  • If you are a Pennsylvania resident, click here to enroll in Pennsylvania's state-wide fantasy sports self-exclusion list.
  • If you are an Iowa resident, click here to enroll in Iowa’s state-wide self-exclusion list.
  • If you are a New Jersey resident, click here to enroll in New Jersey’s state-wide self-exclusion list.
  • If you are a Louisiana resident, click here to enroll in Louisiana’s state-wide self-exclusion list.
  • If you are an Arizona resident, click here to enroll in Arizona’s state-wide self-exclusion list.

Preventing Self-Excluded Users and Users in Timeout from Playing

Once a user sets a self-imposed timeout or Splash Sports is notified that the user is on a state self exclusion list, Splash Sports will limit that user’s account from depositing or entering any contests. This restriction will function similarly to geofencing – i.e., preventing users who are in prohibited jurisdictions from depositing or entering paid or free contests – and will last until the period of self-imposed timeout ends or the user’s name is removed from a state exclusion list and the user confirms the same with Splash Sports.

Access to Responsible Gaming Information

Splash Sports ensures that all relevant Responsible Gaming and information is easily accessible to Users. Below are the resources and details of organizations that provide assistance to a User and affected third parties should someone be a problem gambler (for example, family members or friends).

If you need immediate help, please call 1-800-GAMBLER

If you have concerns about a family member or friend’s ability to manage his or her play, we invite you to contact customer service to make a report regarding that player's participation in Splash Sports fantasy contests. Please refer to the following for additional resources:

National Council on Problem Gambling

Gamblers Anonymous


Arizona ADG: Problem Gambling

Pennsylvania PGCB